The First Block of the Breakup – How it Fell


My single room apartment shared the external toilet with another tenant when my wife-to-be visited from another state promising to stay a day or two.

She “managed” the convenience for one day and in the night of that day she woke me up in the middle of the night for a talk.

I pulled up and sat upright and gave her all my attention as she gave me her terms and conditions for marriage to include moving into, at least , a self-contained apartment before our wedding.

Well, she wasn’t too demanding. At least she tolerated the toilet a day before venting her anger. And I wasn’t a mad man to think of adding somebody’s daughter to me in a single room. Was I comfortable in that rathole as a person?

But here was my grouse, she shouldn’t have given it to me that way. She presented it like terms and conditions. It should have come by the way of suggestion. That’s what a future wife should do. I felt challenged. She didn’t know I had enough money to even by a land and build at that time.
That was how our first breakup brick was fallen.

I can take anything from a woman but I can’t stand control and manipulation from any woman.
It’s my opinion.

Join me tonight, Independence Day Anniversary in sequence.

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