Aspiring Writer? This is How You Might Begin

THE SITUATIONDo you sometimes feel you are bursting with ideas that you want people to know about? Do you think you are a good writer or can be a good writer but have not got the opportunity to exhibit your talent? Have you written a book or books, essays or short stories that have not … Continue reading "Aspiring Writer? This is How You Might Begin"

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Breaking: Popular Prophet, T. B. Joshua is Dead

T. B. Joshua has been reported dead. He was 58 years old. T. B. Joshua is a household name in name in Nigeria. Born, Temitope Balogun Joshua, T. B. Joshua was the founder and the senior prophet of the Synagogue Church of all nations, commonly known as The Synagogue. T. B. Joshua was a charismatic … Continue reading "Breaking: Popular Prophet, T. B. Joshua is Dead"

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Ajofia Nnewi: An Old Ancestral Spirit

Traditional Igbo masquerades, or mmanwu, are elaborate costumes worn by males originally as a representation of the spirits of the dead. They could be made to look like human beings or animals, or some other abstract creature depending on the driving spirit behind the masquerade. This driving spirit also determines the nature of each masquerade, … Continue reading "Ajofia Nnewi: An Old Ancestral Spirit"

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