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    5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Here’s the skeleton of the plan;

    1. We need to get members of this group into active politics. Independence is never achieved outside the political channels

    2. We need to encourage investment in the south. We need to turn the region into a region based on exporting economy instead of import based economy. That mean we need to focus more on manufacturing instead of buying and selling. Despite discouragement from the Federal Government.

    3. We need to build power stations. Most of our rich people have not understood the money available in producing power. They only care about the easy part of distribution. But we need to generate enough power so we will depend less on personal generation which increases cost of production.

    4. We need to beef up our security. There is no need to create any new security outfit. We should support the local vigilante, create a budget for them,and arm them well, devising strategies to hive them adequate training. Just for general security.

    5. We need to draw up the possible structure of the new nation and draw up a favourable and viable constitution for it. And make it public when the time comes for the struggle to be made public. It must be a constitution that separates political power from money. If anyone is going into politics, he knows he is going there for political power, and not riches. If he wants a lot of money, he goes into business. And there must be provisions for anyone that wants to join the union at any later date.

    These are the things we need to put in place, then we can make our demands known, from a position of power. These are mine, more points are required, or flesh given to the bones.



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