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The Quest for a New Nation

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  • 5 months, 2 weeks ago
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  • Here’s the skeleton of the plan;

    1. We need to get members of this group into active politics. Independence is never achieved outside the political channels

    2. We need to encourage investment in the south. We need to turn the region into a region based on exporting economy instead of import based economy. That mean we need to focus more on…Read More

  • Welcome, I say, to this group.

    I have a desire, and that desire is to see the people around me having a better life, more people having access to education, talented people having more opportunities to develop and showcase their talents, every hardworking person finding it easier to make money; I desire this.

    I prefer to live in a country…Read More

  • The Igbo people have been marginalised and oppressed with subjugative policies of the Nigerian government, but this has become worse since the shameless promotion of the Fulani agenda by the Buhari administration. Having made the progress we have made so far as a tribe, there is need to redirect our agitation efforts from untenable fight against…Read More