What Can You Do to Keep Your Breasts from, or Recover from Sagging?

Breasts are wonderful things. They come in different shapes and sizes, and while some are sources of pride to their owners, some tend to make some women loose some self esteem.

Breasts are beautiful when they are toned and firm, regardless of size and shape. Saggy breasts are not so much in demand, both by owners and admirers, and thus the tone of a breast could be the single most important attribute it might possess. So, how do you prevent breasts from sagging, or recover some tone and firm up a saggy boob?

Well, what one can do depends on what causes the breast to sag in the first place.

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  1. Wear Bras
    Big and heavy breasts are susceptible to the force of gravity. Their weights cause the breast tissues to stretch and break when they hang unsupported. And thus, bra is recommended for busty ladies, almost at all times. A good bra distributes the weight of the girls across the muscles of the shoulders and the back, taking strain from the breast tissues, and thus preserving their constitution.

Endeavour to wear a bra that is suitable to the size and shape of your breasts so that the support of the bra materials will be optimal. Wear sports bra when indulging in sporty activities or activities that might cause the breast to bounce significantly. If you are in danger and have to run for your life, it might be OK to remember to hold your girls.

  1. Feed Well
    Diet is important if you want to have a healthy and firm boobs. Body tissues are built from nutrients in the food we eat. Breasts are primarily composed of adipose or fatty tissues. Thus food that tend to produce fat in the body are vital to the building of a firm breast. You see, when a breast is genetically disposed to be big, and there isn’t enough fat to fill up the space, it becomes saggy by default.

But it’s not just fat, all other nutrients are important too, vitamins and minerals, and the right quantity of water. Thus, balanced diet is an important key to the door to firm tits.

  1. Exercise
    Breasts consists primarily of adipose and the mammary glands, no muscles. That is why it’s not so easy toning up breasts via exercise. In fact, if the breasts consists of adequate musculature, they can stand practically for life, because they can easily toned. But even at that, boobs are supported by chest muscles, and while you can’t easily tone the breasts themselves via exercise, you can tone up the supporting muscles.

This doesn’t prevent breast tissues from stretching, so it’s not so effective in reversing the trend of sagging, but it can help carry the breasts in a more uplifting manner. The proper exercises and combination of other instructions in this manual will go a long way to keep a breast firm and toned.

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4. If you want a good body, don’t smoke, don’t drink excessively, and do not indulge in substance abuse. They weaken your tissues, boob tissues included, resulting in inelasticity and tears and sag. Drink in moderation, and smoke not.

5. Cosmetics
There are creams and oils that can help tone up the breasts. Olive oil and aloe vera are good in that department. Gently massage the oil and gel into the breasts and they will help firm them up. They also need moisture. So keep the girls moisturised. Moisturizing creams and lotion will do well in that.

There are also special cosmetics formulated specifically for breast toning. There must be those that work. I can’t vouch for any of them, as of now, but if I get to test any and confirm it’s efficacy, I’ll surely update. Perhaps I’ll try formulate a formula.
Your breasts can be beautiful They were made to be.

So I urge you to take the responsibility to take care of them. They are more beautiful firm and toned, so keep the so. And even if there seems to be a bit of sag, there’s no law that prohibits a reversal. Just be committed. If you have a testimony, share with us in the comments box.